Friday, July 20, 2007

Diving In...

I haven't been keeping up on my journal for some time now -- it used to be a constant companion, a place for self-reflection and poetry, for art and ideas... vibrant, alive, and something I loved to do. Now, two kids later, I find myself so busy and wanting to do so many things, that journalling just is not on the list.

Tonight I lead a class in "Production Work: Making Multiples Efficiently" -- it was packed full of information, and I felt like it was barely organized. There were 8 people signed up, but one came very late, and another left early. There was some time for discussion of the topic, a set of four 3x3 cards we made, and folks who wanted to got some help in designing and thinking about their holiday cards. In two weeks we will meet again, and we will spend the time accomplishing our holiday cards... so we can work on the gifts and other things we love during the holiday season.

I don't know if the class went well -- I mean, I think that people learned a lot and had a good time, but it felt overwhelming and I didn't have a ton of sales. (After all the hoopla about the retiring stuff in June, it isn't surprising) I suppose that it is my fault for not waiting until the Holiday Mini is out, like in September -- but it seemed perfect to do the Holiday card thing in conjunction with the Production Class I have been called to do.

I had a good idea in designing the class to make it a two parter -- and I reduced the price for those who would attend both parts. But something about it felt scattered, and people left feeling preoccupied, thinking about things that we weren't working on in the moment... I am hoping to get another few sales out of it, as I would like to reach a certain threshold for the order I am placing, but who knows what will come in, if anything.

The problem with being a demonstrator for a stamp company, is that I am constantly seeking to find the balance to the business and pleasure of stamping and creating. Loving to teach, I don't want to give that up in any way -- but it takes planning and preparation. The selling part affirms how well I teach and inspire, and it aids me in earning all the goodies that I play with... so I cannot help but use it as a gauge of my success.

I must get my scanner working. I would like to post the little set of cards that we made for the make and take tonight. I used the designer label punch box kit that was in last year's catalog -- and I did present the upcoming promotion. I also used some of the printed papers on the little cards, and it looked very good in the small format.

My upline, Jocelyn Rehbock, was at the class, and it was great that she brought so many of the new items that I don't yet have. I am really learning about getting the In Colors right away in the papers and inks. I didn't do that, even though I did order some new rubbah at the real discount prices offered to demo's who pre-ordered... I now realize my mistake! I won't be making that one again next year . The catalog has so many samples made with the In Colors, and even though I don't like Wasabi that much, I do love River Rock, Pomegranite, Guava, Sky, and Bayou... and customers need to hold and feel samples, so it is important that I have these items to play with! What a nice excuse :^) Can I tell you all how much I love what I do? And now I am loving "diving in" and blogging.

Howdy everyone, I'm HERE :^)