Saturday, July 21, 2007

The internet is a powerful place to learn how to stamp!

I am very excited to share some cool things I have found relating to learning techniques for better stamping and scrapbooking...

A Stampin' Up! demonstrator has a wonderful new resource for y'all -- VIDEO clips that show techniques! Check her out over at If you sign up, please use my name as your referral, and let me know so I can keep track of it and get my little treat ;^)*

Also -- check out this amazing little video about how to tie a ribbon:

I will post more goodies as I find ones that I want to share -- but I hope you run over and check out these two. Totally worth it! Yay!

Thanks to Kara at for the great Blog Banner

I am so lucky to know Kara... and she is so Freakin' Talented! She and her husband wear so many hats, but mostly she is a Great Spirit and artist -- both in Henna and paint and paper and ink -- and digitally! When I begged for her art for a banner, she jumped in and within hours, I had a banner!

Even cooler is that when there was a typo in the graphic, I could fix it myself, without bugging her. I am feeling pretty good about that, since I don't really _do_ graphics on my computer these days... I was soooooo new at it, and then I stopped doing it altogether when I left the corporate world. Now I want back IN to doing graphics on the computer... I am aching to learn how to digi-scrap. More on that later.

So I am off to watch a movie with the fam. (Spirited Away -- love that flick) but I wanted to take the time to thank Kara. Check her out sometime -- go to or to -- and navigate around until you find all the cool things she does and has to offer. Her etsy shop is a ton of fun, too. Here's to YOU, Kara -- YOU ROCK!