Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another Contest Win -- but not for cards -- for Writing!

I am loving the contests, the ones that let me think as well as create. I just know that when I get doing on the challenges that I am going to go to town... hehehe

Well -- Mary Jo was having a contest for 5,000 hits... wahoo! I am hoping to get that many ;^)* She wanted to give something away... but didn't like the term "Blog Candy" -- after all, it is sort of like Kleenex (it has become so popular that you can't tell one from another, a Kleenex by any other name is just a tissue, right?) Anyway, I digress... I couldn't resist the simple challenge and I allowed my brain to play for a few minutes -- and whatdoyaknow? Mary Jo picked one of my suggestions! She is sending me some "Techno-Takeout"! Get this: a subscription to Paper Crafts magazine! I am so excited. I love getting inspiration from all sorts of places, but I seldom splurge to buy the subscriptions (I just find old copies somewhere... garage sales... sigh).

Thank you, Mary Jo! Be sure to check out her blog, Techno Stamper and tell her I sent you!