Saturday, August 4, 2007

Making things, Getting them UP here!

Ok, I am a wimp. I dunno how others can do it -- but where my two kids and I are at, and my DH, it is a challenge to make the things I want to make, and then to photograph them. Once I just dive in, I am ok... but I still have to make time for ME and thus, I have sent them all to a family picnic at a park, along with my regrets: I wanna play MY WAY

Hehehe -- I am such a selfish person today!!!
Here are some of the things I have done:

These are going to be gifts for the folks attending my "Holidays in the Heat" workshop that I am hosting tomorrow. This is part 2 in a series -- we had a class in tips for "production work" where I handed out a long document filled with tips if you are going to be doing a LOT of a certain card or project. Then, we talked about our ideas for holiday cards, and tomorrow everyone is going to be working on their own holiday cards. I am bringing holiday music and treats, stuff to make wrapping paper and tags, all my tools and holiday gifts for everyone (these cans are taped shut on the bottom so they can be re-used -- they are the "pop top" kind from fruit, and inside is crimped paper and a small incentive stamp).

I love that we might be done early with holiday cards and can work on the gifts!

The second thing I did (actually, it was yesterday, but finished today) was a set of baby cards using "You're Neat" -- which I have had for ages and only just put together! I love this little set, and the cards were all made from scrap. The one I am showing you is the first finished one... I am enjoying playing with the prismacolors and gamsol a LOT :^) Hope you enjoy looking! Recipes? Heck no! I just feel proud to get them up. All card stock is SU... ink, too, except for the prismacolors