Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Scor-Pal Scores BIG -- and I mean it!

Wow. Have you ever met a tool that was so freakin' well-designed that it just blows you away?

For a long time I had been eye-ing one of those scoring boards -- the kind that promise the world... and sort of deliver. They are expensive... they are heavy... they seem to do one thing... they take up a lot of room...

Well, when I saw the Scor-Pal ( go to -- I immediately Got It -- I mean, I have been in engineering all my life... and this is one Cool Tool.

Lemme tell you about it:

It is light weight
It is sturdy
The tool has a great storage place and there is a hidden place for an extra tool to be kept
It is simple to use *elegance is a cornerstone of good design!
It is easy to use with all sizes of paper
No kid can get hurt with this one!

Diana Crick is a Stampin' Up! demo with a background in tool making, it is obvious -- and she has now even "improved" the design by adding a few extra scoring "slots" that will make the tool even MORE useful to me.

Diana is also responsive, interested and interesting -- very open and easy to communicate with -- and wow -- she is even making it easy to upgrade to the new version of the Scor-Pal if you already own one but want the newer version. In short, the designer and producer of this product is a Doll!

So -- WE CAN HELP! Even if you are not someone who makes tons of cards and feels that you have to own one -- having a Scor-Pal as a tool in the Stampin' Up! catalog would be a GREAT thing for demos. First, it is a nicely priced item to sell (think about your return on selling one of these... yes!) and it is Quality all the way -- I LOVE selling a quality item. Also, if people are using the Scor-pal they are using PAPER... think increased paper sales ;^)* Stampin' Up! should definitely consider it. It would sit right along side the Fiskars cutting tool, or the Guillotine cutter that they are selling... mine travels to workshops because it is so light... but I can't show it! Sigh...

So -- type to and let them know that the Scor-Pal, designed by a Stampin' Up! demonstrator should BE IN THE STAMPIN' UP! catalog. After all, the Crop-a-dile is finally in there... this would complete the perfect picture. Tell 'em what you think!