Friday, August 3, 2007

Coloring... prismacolors and gamsol -- am I doing this right?

So, after a lot of people doing GORGEOUS cards using prismacolor pencils and odorless mineral spirits, I dove in and spent money on the materials. And they sat. And sat. And now I have lost the little sanding boards that will help the blender stubs to get clean... but I have TRIED it!

Am I doing this right?
I like it -- but it seems easy, and folks were saying how hard it is and all... hmmm... I really like coloring, and I am not sure that I want to go with the copic markers... I have always loved colored pencils...

I am hoping for feedback from _someone_ I am lonely here because without photos, no one wants to comment. So -- my first photo in a while, and it is of my first try at coloring with a new technique.

I love the Lizzie Anne Designs stamps, but is the coloring overpowering the stamp, or does it work? I mean, I feel like you can't see the stamp (I used the Basic Gray ink I was raving about) and I like that... but are stamping folks gonna like it? Only YOU can tell me that! I guess I am just going to go on and make some cards ;^)* These were samples for trial and error... now for some more serious efforts!

I have one more Lizzie Anne set coming from Lindsey at Jackson belle Embellishments (there is a contest I want to enter... grin!) but I want some feedback about the coloring technique I am using.

Oh, and can you tell I like "juicy" colors?

Blog Candy Extraodinaire...

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Oh, the stamps I could buy with that ;^)*