Monday, August 13, 2007

What a day for stamping!

Wow. You ever have a friend who just keeps on GIVING? My friend Susan is like that. I cannot tell you how much I receive from her, on all levels.

Sometimes it is months before we hook up -- then POW! We are together and things just click. It is amazing... today was like that. I had a babysitter (thank you from the bottom of my heart, Melanie!) which is a very RARE thing for me. And, after a rough start getting out of the house, there I was, in Susan's stamping room.

There is a desk for me to work, with great light pouring in from a window. There are colors all around, but mostly from the wonderful array of Stampin' Up! card stock that Susan has on her shelf (I bring my own, of course, but if I run out, there's backup) -- and Susan lets me use her inks (so I don't have to schlep everything out of my home -- which I almost always have to do!)

Today I was finishing a card for Lindsey's Lizzie Anne contest -- oh, I am so head over heels in freakin' LOVE with those stamps! I have a dream of someday being on a Lizzie Anne design team. I think I would pass out if I ever got that chance -- but I would WAKE UP very fast and get stamping!!! I can't post that card until after Lindsey finishes the contest at midnite on Wed. but so be it. I am also working on another one for the same contest because it is so freakin' cool to be able to play with the stamps. Susan has more sets than I do -- but I have one set that she doesn't have -- so it is fun, fun, fun. Thank you, Susan, for loaning me the one set with all the sentiments so I can continue to play, play, play tonight.

Also -- I had a few background stamps and I was thinking... they are unmounted rubber, and rather than mounting them, I got out the brayer, which also had never seen ink -- and I went for it! I laid the rubber on the table, inked it up, put down the paper and used an acrylic roller to get some even pressure.... oh, wow. I, like, actually cried when I saw how the images turned out. Man, am I ever in love with my background stamps and brayer. There is no holding me back, now! Masking is the only thing left and then I am going to be all over the place with the ideas that have been locked in my head, waiting to get out!

Does anyone else have trouble cataloging where you get your unmounted rubber? I bought these stamps at a convention, and I failed to get a bag that identified the maker. Grrrr... I am hoping to find something to help, but if I don't find it... sigh -- maybe someone on SCS can help ;^)* You all will get to see them soon enough -- after the kiddos get to bed tonight, I aim to be working on coloring and assembling. hehehe... the things we do in the middle of the night ;^)*

Sorry for no photos -- but they are coming!