Monday, August 6, 2007

Getting serious! Getting a Watermark

One big problem for me, and a major reason for blogging is to get me off my butt and solving problems, is that I want to do things RIGHT~ and I wanted a watermark, but didn't have the time to follow Kurtis Amundson's tutorial and fuss around. I mean, I don't have time to stamp enough, so I couldn't imagine jumping in to do a watermark for my photos right now. Sooooo... in comes Dina.

I found Dina's site Mama Dini's DigiSig Diner by following a link on Julee Tilman's blog, Poetic Artistry (love her cards!) -- Julee is off on a new adventure in creating a line of rubber stamps over at Verve Visuals... anyway, off I went and I am getting excited! The watermark, above, is one that I have to learn to USE -- that means I am going to try to put it on some photos and repost them to see if it works ;^)*

I am scared of all that is new in my life right now. I just lost the tabs I got for the car and have been frantically tearing up the house trying to locate the envelope... sigh. Maybe I can figure this out -- is anyone else out there on overwhelm these days?