Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helping Others, and a Win-Win

I am a member of an online community that I just adore -- anyone else know of Splitcoast Stampers? Hehehe -- is an amazing place... and I have to say, I sometimes don't tell my customers about it, because I want to be their ONLY source for stamping info -- TERRIBLE, I know, so I am getting OFF that!

Here is a good reason why: There is a chance to help others with donations to the Red Cross for Flood Relief! Just go here:

The Non-Raffle is a chance for you to donate to a good cause, and potentially win some amazing creations and/or supplies that have been donated by an incredible group of stamping enthusiasts! I hope you will consider donating.

Now, I am very much on the fence: My DH is going to be job hunting! His last day is on Monday... we have known this day was coming for a year, since he is on a contract and HAS to leave the place of employment for 100 days before he can work there again... I am not sure how much faith to have... this economy, not knowing how things will fall with getting interviews and finding that next job... sigh.

We've prepared for this time -- we have a little saved up, and there SHOULD be unemployment (I never believe that until it is approved and the checks start coming) but the COBRA payments are near the amount of our mortgage! GRRRR... How are folks making it these days? Let alone if there is an emergency, like the flooding! Lord, please help us all...

Anyway... I am seeking something hopeful and beautiful to post today, too:

This card was made for Julie Ebersole's class Simply Great Card Design, at My Creative Classroom. I ended up giving it as a wedding card, as I thought it was elegant enough, but not overly "lovey-dovey" as the bride and groom were just more "sensible" and design-oriented ;^)*
Combined with a heartfelt note inside, I think it did the trick. The stamps are Impression Obsession (delft tile) in the corners, and the center stamp is a backgrounder from Cornish Heritage Farms -- don't you love how they went together? I could put crystals on everything... but I seem to be stingy about them... gotta get OVER that!!! I keep telling my DD -- USE the stuff -- don't hoard it! I am going to start being a better example. The card is 6 1/2 inches square, mounted on matt board! Thanks for looking!