Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thanks to Kara at for the great Blog Banner

I am so lucky to know Kara... and she is so Freakin' Talented! She and her husband wear so many hats, but mostly she is a Great Spirit and artist -- both in Henna and paint and paper and ink -- and digitally! When I begged for her art for a banner, she jumped in and within hours, I had a banner!

Even cooler is that when there was a typo in the graphic, I could fix it myself, without bugging her. I am feeling pretty good about that, since I don't really _do_ graphics on my computer these days... I was soooooo new at it, and then I stopped doing it altogether when I left the corporate world. Now I want back IN to doing graphics on the computer... I am aching to learn how to digi-scrap. More on that later.

So I am off to watch a movie with the fam. (Spirited Away -- love that flick) but I wanted to take the time to thank Kara. Check her out sometime -- go to or to -- and navigate around until you find all the cool things she does and has to offer. Her etsy shop is a ton of fun, too. Here's to YOU, Kara -- YOU ROCK!

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1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Hey Jules! Just sent you the final on the banner with the fixed typo and the longer length to fit the banner boarder. Thanks for the mention here in the blog, too! Glad our exchange has inspired you to get back into digital art stuff! There's great tutorial stuff online: