Monday, July 28, 2008

More time to Stamp? You Betcha!

Well, this is it -- today DH finishes up a contract and is entering the ranks of the unemployed. G-d willing, this will be a one month holiday... and it will include a trip East to see Nana and Boppy... but I am hoping that he will find employment that he enjoys and is satisfying in all respects at the end of it. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers that each of you can offer.

Of course, he is a dedicated Dad, and this time off might even translate into a bit of time for me to get creative -- along with doing some of the projects I hope to get done around here~

Anyway -- something creative to post... let's see:

This little number is my younger daughter's birthday cake from February -- She loves ducks (and all birds) and calls them "mack-mack's" (think Quack-Quack in 2 y.o. talk) Anyway -- we had a rubber ducky themed party, with lollipops decorated with a cute Lizzie Anne Designs rubber ducky -- but dang, I can't find a photo of those!

I am not much of a decorator of cakes, but this sure was fun. And it was healthy -- a carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting...

Off to the dentist and to pick up DH and celebrate the new chapter with a sushi dinner.
Hugs all,


Keri Lee Sereika said...

SOOO Cute I bet she LOVED IT!!

Annapurna said...

Cute cake. It is fun to make something yourself, isn't it?
Hope your hubby finds something he likes to do.

A little while ago you stopped by my blog and asked how you could get on my side bar. I usually add my regular visitors on there. My top commenters get on there because of a widget I have among other things. HTH.

Simon said...

I made my lil' guys birthday cake a few weeks ago (monkey) was so much harder than I Thought it would be to decorate it, but so much fun and we'll always remember mommy's first birthday cake! SMILES! Thanks for sharing!