Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why I haven't blogged...

How did it get to be July already???! And almost August, at that!~


Here's the deal with the blogging, for anyone who might wanna know...

I got "cute" and created a new email address and all when I made this blog -- but that means that I have to sign out of my regular email and (can you believe...) *concentrate on one thing* when I blog... so it is a deterrent to my actually getting stuff written and posted ;^)*

Poor excuse, I know.

I have been making a few cards -- though honestly, I have been taking a LOT more time for my little girls. My eldest is 5 1/2 and my younger daughter is 2 1/2 -- both are incredibly demanding, and I am still not sleeping through the night as the younger one wakes about once per night on most nights. Grrr...

Very few classes happening -- I am making my minimums as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator -- but there are sooooooo many cool things out there, that I can't limit myself (hehehe...)

Anyone read Joan on Paperlicious? She's been posting about the money she is spending/not spending... it is such an easy hobby to drop the BUCKS on! (grin) I mean, I hate to shop for most things, but art supplies? Come on! They ALWAYS come in my size ;^)*

I figure, if you came here, you probably want to see some cards... let's see what I can find after all these months --

Oh, yeah -- lame excuse for not blogging #37: I am not on top of taking/downloading/editing/watermarking my photos of cards... so you get the unwatermarked kind... sorry. Don't steal 'em, please!
This card was made for the Lizzie Anne Designs Anniversary Sketch challenge. It is my most recent one. I had a good time coloring, but there were things wrong with it -- and I didn't have much time, and it didn't even get a mention. Still, I enjoyed making it. The butterfly was me channeling Lauren Meader ;^)* Hi, Lauren! I love you!!!

I should have way more cards -- I mean, I have been a LUCKY girl -- in addition to buying oodles of stamps, I have won some amazing ones! I was soooooo fortunate to have won Asela's set from Gina K. called Botanical Dreams and Simply Sentiments from Lizzie Anne Designs, too. (Wish it could have been Le Jardin or the Space set, or the Princess set... but ah, well, it was free... anyone want to trade? (grin) Seriously, I am one of the very luckiest folks I know... and I am soooooo grateful for that! I believe you can MAKE your own luck, and that talking about it helps it to grow! Begin today... :^)

Ok, another card... you will have to forgive the lack of recipes... I am playing with lots of types of paper... Prism textured cardstock is something worth trying and usually there is SU paper in there... I am generally using Prismacolor and Gamsol for blending... not spending the money for copics at this point.

Here's one from this inspiration:

You just never know where inspiration is going to hit...

One thing that happened in my personal life is that we had to put down one of our family dogs -- after 13 1/2 years , that was TOUGH. I had been putting off the decision, but she was having a terrible time getting around, and life was no longer fun for her... on Passover, April 19th, she left us. Here is a card inspired by her: (The sentiment was ordered from Impression Obsession, I believe -- I am adoring their sentiments and images!) It is going to be a place for journalling about Josie, as I am in the middle of a scrapbook/tribute page to her. I miss her so much -- we had a novena candle burning for over 60 days for her to light her journey to the "other side"

Soooooo -- now you have at least SOMETHING to look at -- and thanks Keri for gently getting me back over here. I am so inspired by so many GREAT blogs -- it is wayyyyyy tooo easy to sit back and just blog surf instead of creating and blogging myself! Yikes.

Anyway... Thanks to all of you who visit here, and I hope to be blogging more... your comments DO encourage me! Thanks for being in touch... I do love that!

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

HEY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!! Thanks for blogging just for me *blush*....it was totally worth the wait!!! Great cards, but I am so sorry to read about the lack of sleep for one and the loss of your pup for two....that just stinks and is sad....I hope you keep on blogging baby!!! Maybe we can start a challenge together!!!