Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another birthday cake (or two)

I love the cake we made for Daughter # 2's second birthday -- and here are a couple of other cakes that we have enjoyed over the past year. This Elmo themed cake was for the third birthday:

I made Elmo punchouts for invitations -- but got way-laid and never sent them out -- so they became Valentine's for DD#2's preschool class:

And this Barbie cake was made for Daughter #1's 6th birthday -- with a Rainbow Fairy theme (note the use of vellum wings). We also made cute fairy dolls with vellum wings that I stamped and embossed for the kids' use:

I am no Lauren Meader when it comes to birthdays (seriously, she ROCKS at doing kids' birthdays...) but we sure had fun. I am getting really good at following through on a theme: for DD #1's party we made fairy dolls, rainbow playdough, and decorated cupcakes using all rainbow colored frosting and sprinkles -- tons of fun!

Finally -- I made this centerpiece for a friend's husband -- he is a great guy, and my friend really went all out with multiple opportunities to celebrate his 50th. I didn't do much stamping for this -- but I did include a bunch of punched scallops for folks to write their wishes on, and affix them to the lollipops:

I have been making more cards, and I promise to post them soon. I have a couple of more I have to make right now -- and a class to prepare for.

I am hosting a fun workshop at my home for local stampers who want to come (on March 15th) -- it is a "Green Stimulus Package" all of my own, celebrating the green holiday of St. Patrick's Day and Easter, and all things green and natural. Let me know if you want to come!



Joan B said...

Adorable. these birthday items, especially the little treat topper bags are so cute.

sunghee said...

My goodness! I'm not a baker, so I'm always amazed how people are so creative with baked goods. Love the scallop circle elmo, too. Clever!!!