Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Creating -- and Enjoying -- but what a push!

I worked all week to set up this time today to stamp. It was _such_ a challenge -- but I did it. I made a card and a half for Kimmie's Kard Kontest -- but with all that went on (my folks are still here -- the kids are coldy and just needing Mama -- I have been really catering to my parents' needs...) I couldn't finish my fourth card for the Kontest. I am sooooo bummed!

My DH was GREAT. He said the nicest thing, "Oh, Honey -- it's OK -- you still have those beautiful cards you made!" Isn't that nice? He was trying so hard not to make me feel like a failure.

Here are the cards that I made -- the last two -- you saw the first -- my sister's birthday card. This one is for the Fall Colour Challenge:

I hope that you can't see the holes that I punched under the scallop that I didn't use -- like everything these days, I have not been able to re-do anything! No Time! I just make lemonade The fun chickens are from Hambo Stamps.

And this one is for the Sketch Challenge:

In this one, I was amazed that the black ink just doesn't want to dry! It is versafine onyx black, and it got smeared once -- then again, and finally I just said, let me fix this by making it consistent, at least. And you know, I kind of like the way it softened the butterfly a bit! It gave it some life... almost a sense of motion! The stamps are all from Stampin' Up!

I hope that you like the cards! I hope that Kimmie will consider them for her Kontest... I am not sure that they got in on time... oh, sigh. Anyone else have that kind of a time with a contest?


Connie said...

Oh man, that chicken card is awesome! Love it. Thanks for comments on my blog, I have just discovered yours, and I am sure to be back!

Phaser Ink said...

I must say that I myself am very much the animal lover! When I was younger, I used to live on a farm. Now, it wasn't your traditional farm with cows and all rather a farm with peacocks, doves, parrots, bunnies, puppies, chickens, ducks, and a dog named Bonnie that made sure every thing was okay! :) Basically a farm that consisted of only the cutest animals on the planet! I loved them all, they were part of the family and even up until today I speak about them because they are, what can I say, a real part of my history :)